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Sunday Movie: “The Alderson Murder”

I have a really exciting “dream project” currently in the works. It’s a short film called “The Alderson Murder” based on the short story by Gonzalo Reidel (you can purchase the whole collection of stories here). I first encountered Reidel’s stories on the shelf at Geist Magazine. That night, in bed, I read the whole collection out-loud to my husband/cinematographer (Dale Shippam). Later Geist published my review of the collection in their ‘Endnotes’ column (you can read it for free at and I began the slow process of writing, directing and producing a film in the spare bits of time in between working toward my PhD and working to pay for my PhD, which left me with mostly Sundays (because who needs rest?). Now, after 144 Sundays (48 Sundays per year for 3 years), we’re due for a rough cut from the editor any day now and the film is one more Sunday closer to completion. Stay tuned!

Screen shot 2015-05-21 at 12.17.09 PM

How To: Start Your Research Paper

The Student Learning Commons at Simon Fraser University invited me to propose an independent project related to my work as a writing facilitator. So…I went in search of a way to communicate about academic writing that combined both my interests in teaching and video production. I envisioned three possible applications for the vid 1) an intro to undergraduate writing workshops facilitated by the SLC 2) a tool for instructors or TAs to show or share their students and 3) a stand alone resource on the library’s site for students to access along with the university’s many other excellent research/writing resources. I animated the video using Keynote, Mac’s Presentation Software–a simple program that lets you take the average slideshow to the next level. Feel free to share or adapt (and if you’d like the source file, get in touch)!  


The Great Shop Robbery

On a Sunday afternoon my partner, Dale, and I were doing some camera tests using our jib arm using Dale’s 1969 Jaguar as our text subject. This short film came together completely by accident. From this ‘Movie Sunday’ was born–a promise to dedicating every Sunday to film. As you watch, keep in mind that there were only the two of us, no lighting, no sound, and no script. Just spontaneity.