image originally began in 2011 as the home for my copyediting + writing services. Since then, I began pursuing my PhD, teaching about writing, and working on my own writing, which is what this site has mostly come to represent. Nevertheless, I still do happily take on clients who require writing, proofreading, fact checking etc. If you wish to inquire about this service, please send word using my contact page and I’ll get back to you about your request.

Here’s a brief description of the types of services as a writer or copyeditor I can provide:


Provides a close reading of an existing draft that’s near completion, checking for any basic grammar, spelling and punctuation errors that have been overlooked.


A more in depth look, not only editing for basic grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style, but also checking for consistency of mechanics, consistency and accuracy of facts, accuracy of citations or converting to an entirely different style of citation.

Substantive Editing or Re-writing:

Taking into account the context and intent of any given text, substantive editing clarifies, reorganizes, restructures and/or re-writes your content to ensure it is meaningful, concise and above all, effective.

Developmental/Project Editing:

Working with you to co-ordinate and/or write and/or edit your project from a rough draft to final draft.

Services I can also provide:

Fact checking, reference checking, indexing, table of contents, work cited/bibliographies, document formatting, abstracts and synopsis.

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