Q: Why hire someone experienced to proofread your work?


A: Because, ‘weather its a contraction, homonym or two many commas,’ sentences like this one look o.k. to your spellcheck…but your professor isn’t going to think so.

Five more reasons to let me help…

1. After your prof reads 30+ essays, simple punctuation errors add up.

2. Because we both know you have 4 more essays to write after this one. Who has time to edit?

3. Good ideas are only as good as your ability to convey them. Using proper grammar and sentence structure can make the difference between a 70% and a 75%

4. What’s MLA, APA, Chicago, […insert any style manual HERE], you ask? I can make sure that your work follows the rules to your preferred or required style guide.

5. Does that even make sense? I can provide you with valuable feedback on the clarity of your writing and quality of your argument whether it’s a first year undergrad paper or a PhD conference paper. Think of it as a trial run.

Note: While I’d love the thrill of getting to write one more essay, I’m not an essay writing service for one simple reason: it’s against the rules. I can, however, offer you a life line, buying you some spare time, by proofreading your writing for you.

Last minute? No problem. I’ll work around the clock to meet your student deadlines without breaking your student budget.


Send me an email with a sample of your writing and I’ll get back to you about your request!


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